Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Flashback

Check out this collage I did at two months. I can't believe how light and fluffy my locks were.

I am so glad they have much more weight and density now. That's what I've gained instead of length. That's what's happened to all of the hair I feel like I'm 'missing'.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Lazy Woman's Comparison Post

So the 18 month marker got me thinking that I should do a comparison post to track the changes, but my other photos are on my other computer that's slow and i haven't transferred the files and it just seems like too much of a chore right now.

However...just about a year ago I did comparison shots of the first 5 months.

Here is a link to that post.

You can observe the first part of my progression.

Do you see what I mean now?

Look at how full and long they were at 4 and 5 months before they started to shrink!

Seems like the growth just stalled for the next 8 months and just started up again about three months ago.

I know it was growing because I was tightening it up on the regular, but here I am a year later and it looks not very much longer than it did a year ago - especially compared to the fast growth you can see that I experienced in my first 4 months.

Intellectually I know that it is continuing to grow at a steady rate, but the growth is showing up differently according to the different phases of lock maturation.