Monday, May 23, 2011

Nine and a Half Months

I am nine and a half months into my new marriage and thus my new life and it has seen so many changes, I don't know where to begin writing about it.

To settle a question I know must have come to mind for some of you: No I am not a Mommy.

Lord! If that was one of the changes, I think I would not be able to handle any of the rest.

But... less than 3 months after we got married, my husband got a job in the Research Triangle Park located just outside Raleigh, NC. And we had 2.5 weeks to move and find an apartment.

....Talk about upheaval.

He had already sold everything and moved across the country to be with me. (Aww..., right?) How could I complain about moving 4 hours up the Interstate in support of his career? I couldn't even think of it.

But.... on very short notice I had to leave my 4 BR 2400 sq ft house with office and move into a 2 BR apartment. That was difficult to say the least.

I own a house in SC. He owns a condo on the other coast. Neither of us can sell for what they're worth in this market, thus neither can we buy anything comparable here at the moment.

Having been a homeowner for the last ten years, it has been interesting renting again. Just finding an apartment is challenging, but we did reasonably well. We weren't familiar with the area but still managed to find something nice in a good location convenient to work and shopping.
The neighborhood is a great mix of everyone. Singles and couples of all races, families of all descriptions. And I feel safe. We have wooded streets with sidewalks and streetlights, trails for hiking, biking, running and walking, several parks and lakes nearby. I am very happy.

And after years of homeownership it is the coolest thing to call maintenance when something breaks. We just had to have the dishwasher and the a/c replaced and all I had to do was call the leasing office and both were fixed within 24 hours. It was so nice not to have to schedule it all or go into my own pocket for repairs.

Ahh! Part of me wants to never go back.

I've been learning my way around the new city, but I am admittedly homesick for my old one and moreso for my old friends.

Of course there is more. (There is always more.) But I haven't any more time today.

My 4th lock anniversary came and went in March without incident. My SLs are still strong and healthy and beautiful.