Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sisterlocks Photo Shoot!

I am simultaneously excited and disappointed!

What better way to celebrate my first anniversary than to have a professional photo shoot, right?

I was just visiting the Official Sisterlocks Homepage to see what was new when I saw that there are going to be professional photo shoots around the country and one is this weekend in Atlanta!

I tried and tried to figure out how I could make it, but I have previous commitments that will not allow me to attend....Darn!

There's another one scheduled in Baltimore in June, so perhaps I can make that one. My brother lives in Maryland and I've been needing a reason to visit him and the rest of the family up north. I'm going to see if they would come to Charlotte as well. That would be awesome!

Imagine: we could each have photo shoots and then gather for dinner afterwards. It would be a great thing to plan our next gathering around.

Speaking of which...I know, I know...I have to post pics of the last Sisterlocks Gathering.

I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to coordinate my trade show. I am happy to report that it went off without a hitch (that anyone else was aware of) and I will be posting about that as well.

I don't have lock envy too often because I love my own locks so well, but I must admit that I am a little jealous of the bloggers who have family members available to take pictures of them and their locks.

I do get tired of taking my own (holding my arm out, propping the camera on boxes, setting the timer - it gets old and there's only so creative I can get). I'm sure I'm not the only one! And y'all know I always try to pass info on, so for anyone who is interested in having a professional photo shoot done, check out this link: Sisterlocks Photo Shoot.


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!! Happy to hear your trade show went well!!!

Even though I have someone to help take my pics, it's always a chore to get him to do it...

Lakia said...

The photographer takes really good sisterlocks photos. I am definitely going to do the one in June. I figured my locks will be a little more mature at 8 months. Also it would be nice to knock out the retightening course.

blackrussian said...

Yeah MM, there are people in my life I COULD ask to take photos, but no one who really 'gets it' - the whole document-your-journey thing.

That's a good idea, Lakia!

Amina said...

Ooh! Let me know if you're coming! I would definitely be there! I'm trying to take the re-tightening class in June too!

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

I would love to have professional photos taken, I too am getting tired of taking my own pictures.

I am glad to hear the your trade show went well!!!!

Anonymous said...

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blackrussian said...

Will do Amina!

Thanks, Diva!

Since there was a TORNADO in ATL yesterday, I feel like it's just as well that I wasn't planning to make that photo shoot!

I wonder how that's gonna go for the people who booked it.

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sunsail said...

Hey! If you come to MD, drop me a note! I would love to meet you! :)

Maryee said...

Droppin' by to say hi! Looks like from your profile pic that your hair is really growing. Happy belated birthday and happy belated 1 yr anniversary!!!Blessings...

blackrussian said...

Sure, SS!

I may actually be there in about three weeks for a conference. If I make it, it will be a quick trip where I'm visiting family and working, but I will try to squeeze in a visit with you (and whoever else you want to rustle up that we know from the blogosphere!)

Thanks Maryee! It is getting longer every day. And don't worry about the b-day. It was more than 6 months ago and I didn't post about it, so you didn't miss it. No one knew.

I quietly noted that I was another year older, and that was all. No party. No fanfare.

Right now, I am actually closer to my 31st. The only reason I posted anything about my 30th is because it is kind of a milestone/turning point sort of year.

At least you feel like it is or should be as it looms ahead of you.

I was just talking to one of the locked sisters I met in Charlotte today and I was saying that I felt very much like it was now or never.

I know what direction I want my life to take and as I approached my 30th birthday I just became more aware of the passage of time and that if the next 10 and 15 years passed as quickly as the last 10 and 15 had, then I had better make whatever changes were necessary now - to make sure that I am living my best life.

Lest I wake up and find myself 40 and terribly unhappy about living a life that I did not choose actively, but one that was chosen for me by default.

And...the anniversary is not late either. it is actually right on time. Today is my 1 yr, but I haven't posted yet because I haven't had time to take pics.