Friday, December 26, 2008

Sisterlocks Gathering

Blessed Gem Lady and I were talking last week and we decided that it was way past time for another Sisterlocks gathering. The last one was in March! We are so overdue for one.

We decided to have it on Saturday, February 28th at 12:30 p.m. We know that's about 2 months away, but that gives us all a chance to put it on our calendars, book a babysitter and save our pennies (if necessary).

It will be held at the Crown Point Family Restaurant, 2815 Sardis Rd North, Charlotte, NC 28227.

The invitation is open to all who have attended in the past and anyone within driving distance who reads this post and would like to attend. If you have locks (of any kind), want locks, are considering locks or going natural, you are welcome to join us. The only thing we ask is that you RSVP to me through my blog or by e-mailing me at the address to the right. We need to have an accurate count to make our reservations at the restaurant.


Docs Locs said...

Looking forward to the photos.

Happy New Year.

Jamilah said...

Happy New Year. I'd love to come to the meetup and meet other locked sisters.



blackrussian said...

Hope you'll be able to make it!

Anonymous said...

I will attend the meet up in NC on Feb 28, see you there.

Kimberly aka KLee
South Carolina

Concrete Rose said...

Add me to the list, please.


spasanctuary4u said...

Yes I would like to attend this meet up. I just had my locks installed December 30th, 2009. I will be bring a guest with me. Count me in.

Fuchsia said...

Im coming too!