Saturday, March 20, 2010

Law of Attraction

I did decide to do better and be better all on my very own before I met him. I began taking steps to correct the things that weren't working in my life.

I am steadily losing weight through healthier eating habits and exercise. I am getting organized again. I restructured my business for better work-life balance.

And now, knowing him, loving him is just added motivation to continue cultivating seeds I'd already planted.

I feel so far removed even now from the person I was in December. I experienced a monumental spiritual and emotional growth spurt. A true paradigm shift. I look back now and I still can't believe it. How far I have come in such a short while. But I am happy for it.

Happy that I was ready for him to come into my life.

I do very much feel that we will continue to grow together. He wants all the same things that I do, with the same intensity, to the same degree.

I've never experienced this and neither has he. And both of us have so much appreciation.

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Nai said...

Thank you for blogging this, thank you for your openess, honesty, and taking the risk of being vulnerable and real to the cyber world. You may have thought you were not where you should have been, but you have been used by God to minister to others in your situation, ALL OVER THE WORLD! you are a living testimony and example of what God can do and will do in his time. Stay Blessed.