Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zee Black Russian: eez good drink, da?

OMG! Sunsail visited and commented too! I LOVE her sense of humor. She cracks me up!

She was intrigued by my screen name. I've had it as a nickname forever. It is a good drink. How can you go wrong with vodka and coffee liqueur? What's not to love? It's strong (with a little warmth). Bold (with a little bite). And rich (with a little sweetness). You can draw your own conclusions as to why I chose it as my internet alias.

Sunsail, I'm SO jealous that you're dating a Russian! My most exotic ex- was Mexican. All of the white guys I ever dated were just plain American. Whenever I meet Russian men, they always comment on my name. It's been a lifelong ambition to learn the language, so that when they ask me if I speak it, I can say, "Da!" And follow up with something really clever. Wouldn't it just blow their minds?

My last name is plain and English and Anglo. I've always thought it would be awesome to have a hearty 4 or 5 syllabled Russian surname to match my first. It would make for interesting experiences when following up on resumes and other situations where my name would precede me.

Imagine their surprise. The Russian name would probably conjure up pictures of a leggy, blonde model-type. And then I would walk in: five feet tall, chocolate brown and dreadlocked. I would never tire of the reactions I would get!

Natasha Dostoyevsky
Natasha Baryshnikov
Natasha Kournikova
Natasha ....mother of two, a boy and a girl: Sergei and Svetlana...Sorry, I got carried away.

Those of you who will choose to follow my blog will also learn that I am a COMPLETE goofball who rarely takes herself seriously. I find it saves me the trouble of being offended when other people don't.


sunsail said...

LMAO!!! Ok, so I figured that there was a strong possibility that you got your nick from the drink: being in SC and all, I'm not sure how large the russian community is there. On the name part, yes, I would imagine that it would garner a lot of glances when you present yourself!! My boyfriend's last name has TEN letters and ends in the typical -kov, so you KNOW it's a mouthfull and gets screwed up often. One thing I've noticed too is that russians only have like 10 names to choose from, so get creative and stay away from Vitaly, Sergei, Andrei, Alexei... you get the point.

Ah, yes, self-deprecating humor. Methinks I like you already!!! :)

Cluizel said...

LMAO! Hilarious...

I had a BIG crush on a guy last year with a Jewish last name and I was making up Negro/Jewish children names...

Otis Jerome Rosenthal was my favorite! lol.

Cluizel said...
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muslimahlocs said...

greetings and a belated welcome home to sisterlocks. enjoy your locks at each stage as they will grow and mature with you. i enjoyed reading your blog. you can always change your name!

Anonymous said...

Your last comment cracked me up. It is funny how really serious this blogging thing can become and perhaps it will be for you as well but at least there will be humor to it and that alone will have me stopping by!