Saturday, June 2, 2007

On Making the Decision to Lock (Part 2)

I have previously stated that it is my mission to include insights and resources that helped me along the way. When I was making the decision to lock I wanted to find blogs that started before women started their locks. Because it is a different perspective.

It has been my observation that the overwhelming majority of women who get Sisterlocks are happy with their decision, with the exception of those who did not do enough research (and therefore had unclear or unreasonable expectations) and those who unfortunately got step-sisterlocks or had some other type of bad experience with their consultant or trainee.

And in one way it is reassuring, but in another way it is intimidating. I remember one blogger saying she felt like Sisterlocks were based on some sort of pyramid scheme and another saying that there seemed to be a cult-like enthusiasm in the community of online Sisterlockers. Before you actually get SLs of your own, it can be hard to wrap your head around how and why so many people are so excited about them.

Even if you have decided that SLs or other types of locks are for you, there is usually some element of uncertainty about how they will look or what people will say. As I am continuing to discover more blogs, I am encountering a surprising number of women who decided to get SLs without ever having seen them in person. That in itself makes it very difficult to know what to expect. There are just so many questions and unknown variables.

So...I think it is good to have a view from both sides. I liked reading blogs of the women who had not yet 'crossed over' because I found that I could identify more with their fears and insecurities than with the women who had found their way to Sisterlock freedom and were thrilled with their choice.

This is an excerpt from my first post:

"Everyone tells their story looking back from the day or the week or the month they started locking their hair. Or perhaps with the confidence and experience (and objectivity) of years. Maybe her story is out there and I have not found it yet (I am reluctant to believe that I am the first), but I am looking for the sister whose story starts before she got her locks done, when she was still as uncertain as I am now. When she still could turn back.

"I have seen many posted replies and inquiries from those who have not yet committed, but every blog I have encountered until now has begun after she started on her journey towards locked hair."

Since then, I have encountered several blogs that predate the authors' installations. I thought it would be helpful to others who feel as I did to have them all in one place. I have only come across a few as of now, but I will be adding to this list one by one. If you are contemplating locks and happen to read this and would like for me to add your blog to this list, or if your locks (and blogs) are established, but fit this criteria, feel free to post a comment or email me at the address to the right.

I am toying with the idea of adding a page element with links to these blogs, but I want to see how many I get. I already have a lot of stuff on my sidebar and I don't want it to get too out of control. Fortunately most of my posts are kind of long, so there's usually plenty of room.

The links that follow will take you to posts at the beginning of their journeys (although not necessarily the very first post): Ms Stella, Sis. RJQueen10, CloudNine, Goodnapps.

Not SLs, but still relevant: Jaidalon

And this is a link I found that offers Dreadlock Tips and Guidelines. The information is not specific to Sisterlocks, but it gives good answers to FAQs about locks. I decided to include this link because sometimes in the early stages of researching SLs, it is easy to lose sight of the characteristics they have in common with traditional locks.


sunsail said...

Hey BR,

I believe you might be referring to my post when you mentioned a fellow blogger having commented on the cult-like enthusiasm that SL wearers experience. I think perhaps a clarification is in order, lest my comment be misconstrued. I stand behind what I said, but I would like to elaborate on my reasons, if I may. :)

I agree with you 100% when you state that unrealistic expectations often set people up for failure. Lack of research can also contribute mightily to that. If you go in blind with your own little ideas in your head about what SHOULD happen, the reality of getting and having sisterlocks might shock some. However, my shock came PRECISELY BECAUSE I had done SO much research. It took about a YEAR for me to buckle down and decide to get sls. During that year, I read Maryee's blog from end to end, just as I did with Brunsli's, Jen's, and Blaq's, to name a few. I asked locked people (both traditional and sls) about maintenance, etc. I spoke with at least two consultants, and a friend who was also considering sisterlocks. I left no stone uncovered, and the response was overwhelmingly (if not 100%) positive. So can you imagine my shock, frustration, and sadness to not only NOT get the results I expected, but to be the random, freakish, .00001 percent of the sisterlock population that was NOT happy with her hair??? That sucks!!!

I think that my experience is just as valuable as Blaq's or Brunsli's. I hope, through my blog, that I've still stayed positive have been able to make the following affirmations:

1. My consultant is EXCELLENT
2. I WOULD do it over again, and I wuld encourage ANYONE thinking about it to do it!
3. Most importantly, know thyself and thy hair!!! :)


P.S. And for Pete's sake, get a frikkn good haircut before you get sisterlocks!! you will be MUCH happier!! :)

blackrussian said...

Yes SS,

That does suck indeed! I feel your pain. I am sorry for your struggles, but I applaud you for writing about them with such candor. I think your story and experiences are very valuable and will help a lot of people.