Tuesday, June 5, 2007

About my recommendations...

I don't want anyone to feel left out or offended that I did not include them in my must-reads. I actually track about 50 Sisterlocks/locked* blogs by RSS. I highlighted these four because they were most helpful to me for several reasons.: 1) they have been locked longer than most and have updated so regularly* 2) they have included many quality pictures of their locks and 3) they have taken the time to answer a lot of questions and have given a lot of useful advice and product recommendations. But there are dozens more that I enjoy because of the wit, humor, and authenticity in their writing styles. (I value the sisters who keep it real even when they feel like their hair doesn't look good and they aren't feeling their locks for a while.)

I posted my recommendations and came up with my 'links you might like' using the same principle that catalogue companies, video rental stores, and online retailers do. You know how you click on a book at BarnesandNoble.com and they come up with that little suggestion list that says: "Customers who bought this book also bought..."?

Part of the fun of blogging for me has been discovering new blogs. It's kind of like a treasure hunt! I like reading comments and wondering if I'll find a new user profile. And then sometimes when I do, they have people in their links and comments that I've never heard of. I recommend reading every blog you find and like! I just wanted to give people a place to start, because that's what I wanted in the beginning.

I was doing research and I found so much info at once; I would have liked for someone to say to me: here, it might be helpful to read these first.

I still ended up skipping around a lot and following links out of curiosity.

But my thought process is this: if you like my blog (at all) you'll probably have some of the same favorites I do, for similar reasons.

I feel like it is important to say that I have learned something from everyone! Even the people who had complaints and bad experiences. Even people who cut theirs off or took them down and started over. By the time I started my own locks I felt like I had a well-rounded view of pro and con. I didn't expect not to like them or go into it with low expectations, but I made peace with some of the things that could (and still might) go wrong.

I've even learned from people who haven't posted entries or pictures in 6 - 12 months. Although it makes me kind of sad that some of my would-be-faves seemed to have fallen off the face of the 'net...ah well....

*I'm going to look like such a nerd by asking this, but does anyone else have grammar and spelling issues with their references to locks and Sisterlocks? I write some sentences and the pluralization, verb tenses, or subject-verb agreement just seem off no matter how I write them and it bothers me (much more than it should). It's like an equation I can't get to balance.

My last SO was an engineer and it was not uncommon for us to speak to each other in literary and math analogies. It was one of the reasons we fell for each other and hit it off so well. *sigh*

Why didn't it work you ask? (Alas, the answer would take me too far off-topic)

And, well, let's be honest: You didn't really ask.

Until next time....


n'Drea said...

Hey BR, I'm enjoying your blog. It's quite down-to-earth and honest. You're quite the prolific writer too. Very expressive. BTW, mi jus' love de alias. Mind, yu know :-) Your locks are coming along well. I'm glad for all the assistance and support you got. I can imagine it was a big help in the early stages. Keep on enjoying your locks, even on those days when you might have some hair issues. It's all part of the process. P.S. Wha yu mean 'bout yu blog ugly? 'tap chat fooliness.

blackrussian said...

Thanks for stopping by. It WAS VERY ugly. I did a remodel 2 weeks ago.

muslimahlocs said...

i do have spelling issues with the blogs (like my own) that require you to type in letters to protect against spam. i cannot tell you how many times i have messed that one up. now i copy my comments before i try to publish tem just in case i get it wrong...again.

Ro~ said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and the kind words. Yeah, whenever, you get a chance come back and visit.