Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hmmm...Seven random facts about moi

1. I am not a native South Carolinian. I was born in Washington, D.C. So I am a city girl. I am never more at home than when I am in any large city. I absolutely love New York, Chicago, and L.A.

I make excuses to travel.

2. Even so, there are things I love about small towns. Sometimes I don't lock my car doors. I feel safe alone downtown at 2 am. Grass and trees and flowers are everywhere - not just in parks and planned greenspaces.

3. When I was 15 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It changed my life and the way I looked at the world: life, death, love, strength, beauty. I was already a serious, introspective adolescent, but the experiences that came with helping her through it really set me apart from my peers. I felt like an old soul after that and never like a teenager again.

4. Lighter fare: I live in camisoles, tank tops, and yoga pants. Whenever I'm not at work (or, you know - out on the town) that is my uniform. I wear it everywhere. Home, grocery store, gym. I love comfort!

5. I am related to Malcolm X. His mother and my father's father were first cousins.

6. I don't like to be in photos (that you knew), but I love to be behind the lens. I have a passion for painted art and photography. One day I will figure out a way to package and market my talent for words and pictures and I will be my own boss.

...That also seems to be a recurring theme among the SL bloggers...We have so much more in common than just our hair!

This collage is from photos I took of downtown Charlotte Amalie on my recent trip to St. Thomas in April....Ah, the jewelry district...

7. I am a material girl and I lurve to shop, but precisely because I love to shop I have far too many clothes, shoes, purses and accessories already. when I go shopping, I don't even take the items out of the bag for a week or two and always save the receipts. If I still feel like I want and need it and can't live without it, I keep it. Otherwise I return it.

I am a ritual retail returner. There. Now you know my deepest darkest secret of which I am most ashamed.

Ok, not really...

Like I would put that on the Internet!

8. I was following blogs when the tagging started and was happy to know that I was flying under the radar at the time. I thought: "Whew! Dodged that bullet." It is hard to think of 7 things you'd tell people you've never met (i.e. sisterlockers and potentially the world at large) that are neither exceedingly dull or terribly revealing.


Carmen In NC said...

I was 10 when my mother was diagnoised with breast cancer. I remember hearing my dad yell when he saw her taking out the breast implant. My sister and I never heard or saw her doing it but he freaked out. Book writing - me too. Thanks for being a good sport.

Mel said...

Wow - to number 5!

SistaLocd said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is still hard to beleve that you found a decent hotel down here(Miami) for that cheap what site did you go on. I'm thinking of planning a mini get away.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

I am skipping to the end, just to keep up!

1) My husband just recently went on a business trip to Washinton, D.C. he came back with some nice T-shirts for our twins. He brought me a lot of nice things too. I like that he thought about his family while he was away.

5) I like Malcolm X and what he stood for. I am real impressed that towards the end of his life he was evolving into a person of racial harmonious LOVE.

6) I don't know why you don't like to be in photos, you are gorgeous!

7) All of my clothes are in different sizes. I am partially to them, so as a treat for losing 30 pounds, I am going to have them altered to my current size.

Thanks for tagging me. I do believe I broke all of the rules, but then again that was the best part! Thanks for sharing, your information was neither dull or too revealing.

Sis. RJQueen10

Ro~ said...

ok, got it. I'm still working on my 7 random facts.

n'Drea said...

My mummy had a scare with breast cancer too. After much prayer, though, she was declared cancer-free. My sister wasn't diagnosed with the disease, but she had a benign lump and did minor surgery. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Wow, on being related to Malcom X! You're famous! :-D

Aya said...

I got a scare 12 years ago when my mother was dx'd with colon cancer. She was so young, in her 50's. Praise God she in in remission. Your statments are interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Creyole said...

What nice and interesting th MX fact though. Bet you have some fascinating history in your family.