Saturday, June 2, 2007

Birth Announcement!

Break out the cigars! I am the proud mother of 5 new baby locks! (Ok, it's not that serious...)

I had a few more places around my hairline (at the nape of my neck and my wannabe widow's peak) where I had habitual escapees - little pieces of hair that just did not want to stay with the locks to which they were assigned. And I couldn't stop fiddling with them, so 1) they always looked messy, and 2) I was genuinely afraid I would have breakage. I was messing with them constantly and those areas are already more sensitive and vulnerable. So...I dropped by my consultant's house this afternoon and she was kind enough to do me the favor of forming them into tiny new locks for me. Although at first she looked at me like: you've got to be kidding.

She is so much more laid back about her locks than I am. I also want to be like her when I grow up... I wish I had taken 'before' pics so you could see why I was bothered, but it didn't occur to me to do so until after I had them tightened up into locks, when I was admiring them in my rearview mirror as soon as I'd left her home.

Meet Apollo and Artemis, the divine twins. They don't always look like insect antennae, but I've been pulling on them for the pic. Plus they're new and tight, and the rest is well on it's way to needing a re-tite!

Svetlana and Sergei...You can see how the last two compare in size and length to my more established locks. The two longer locks are actually two of my test locks. They are 4 months old.

I didn't name them all. That would just be silly!

Like so many other SL wearers, I suffer from a chronic case of hands-in-her-hair-itis. I always played with my hair a lot before SLs, so I knew I would be terrible after. But I was assessing my new growth and it seemed to me that I had more of it in the previous 4 weeks than I did in the first 5 before my first retightening. As I have mentioned before, I had I good rate of growth, but it was less than I expected and Phyllis told me I could likely go 8 weeks until my next retightening, but when she looked at it today (4 weeks) she said I should come back in two.

I had just washed it with the shampoo I still had on hand - a thirst-quenching, moisturizing shampoo for curly hair, no less (I am doing so many things I probably shouldn't) - and it feels soft and nice, but at the same time my locks have remained really tight. I haven't experienced any slippage or unraveling or holes. And she said my ends are finishing off nicely. (Yay!) I love my hair!

It took her all of five minutes to twist in my new locks, but I visited with her for a little while longer, just because I enjoy her company. On my initial locking session I told her I was starting a blog to document my journey. She is a creative spirit like so many of the rest of us blog authors. I thought she would enjoy reading the nice things I've had to say about her, as well as following some of the links to a few of my favorite blogs, so before I left I gave her the address to my blog.

I have got to get some business cards printed!

Here's to you, Phyllis! Thank you so much. I can't imagine having had anyone else start me on my journey to Sisterlocks Freedom!


Goodnapps said...

Hey BR - congrats on your SL journey. I am beyond impressed with the level of thought, time, effort and RESEARCH you put into your journey. I can see beyond a shadow of a doubt your lurking paid off. As you've stated, if more women did this, there might be a lot less negative experiences.

Now that I've stumbled on your blog, I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of your updates.

GoldenChild said...

Hi BR,

Thanks for stopping by our blog. I love your blog and look forward to following your SL journey also. Take Care and stop back soon!

Carmen In NC said...

You have to do your research for sure when getting SLs or any type of lock. I think I pondered the idea for some two months by googling all the information I could find. I too am very thankful for those who blogged and felt obligated to start my own since there isn't that much information out there. Plus it's so much fun.