Friday, February 1, 2008

Still in love...10 months

Can you believe it?

10 months locked, and I am just as pleased with my Sisterlocks as ever. Especially with my new business and all the activity. It has been wonderful to never have to think about my hair. The only decisions I have to make each day are whether I will wear it up or down, plain or with accessories.

It has been a year since I first saw the sister who inspired me to start my own Sisterlocks. We were at a conference this very weekend when I fell in love with her baby SLs. I remember how I buried myself in research trying to decide what size, trying to imagine what pattern, trying to imagine how mine would look, and trying to fugure how much it would cost with my length and thickness of hair.

Those of you who read my blog at the beginning will remember that I made up my mind to get them rather quickly - within 2 or 3 weeks, but then I had to wait another month on account of losing my job.

I can hardly believe it has been a year since I made the decision!

I am so immersed in my start-up, I know my 1 year lock-a-versary will be here before I know it! Two months is nothing!

When I was a child I used to stare at myself in the mirror and try to imagine what I would look like when I was a teenager and what I would look like when I was a 'grown-up'. I have done the same thing with my sisterlocks. I imagined what I thought they would look like at 6 months and one year. I wondered how long they would be and how thick they would be. I thought about how the ends would finish off. Would they still be curly? Would they be blunt? Would they be fuzzy? Would they be silky?

I am happy that they are still soft and silky. That was one of my biggest apprehensions about locking. My hair has always been soft and smooth and the thought of it becoming rough and hard was unappealing. I'm sure they are somewhat thicker in diameter, but they don't really look that much thicker. I haven't experienced much swelling. I've avoided a lot of the problems that others have had like bunching and unraveling - despite the fact that I didn't ever braid and band.

Finally my locks are less fluffy and fly-away. Finally getting away from the afro-mullet, and I am happy about that, too. It is long enough that I can do interesting up-dos. I keep saying I will take pictures, but have yet to get around to that. It will not be as long as I had hoped at my one year anniversary. I'm not disappointed about that; it's just not what I was expecting. Not what I had imagined.

The length I had imagined I would have at 12 months will probably not be realized before 18 months, but that's okay, because that wasn't my main reason for locking. I am so happy with my decision. It has been much better for me than I ever imagined. All the way around.

I thought about the title of my blog: Sl'd in SC - Another Sisterlocks Success Story. My regular readers know I love alliteration and that's part of how I came up with that title. In addition it is like the Secret and laws of attraction. I do wholeheartedly believe that if you expect success you will attract success. (Not ALWAYS, of course, but a lot of the time!)

I did not believe that I would have issues and challenges with my locks. I believed that all would be as I wanted it to be. They would be a success and I would be satisfied with them.

And so I have been.

But an interesting thing has been the affect getting locks and keeping this blog has had on my personal life. I also wholeheartedly believe that I would not have found my way into this new business and the success I expect that it will bring into my life without Sisterlocks...not to mention all of the wonderful women I have connected with all over the country.

I believe that success is not only - not mainly - about money, but about overall happiness and satisfaction with life. Your ability to connect with others and give back to your community - your personal sense of contenment and fulfillment. I feel like I am well on my way to being more successful than I have ever been before.

It isn't all because of the sisterlocks, of course, but I feel like where I was in my life when I decided to get them and the things I have learned and experienced since I have undertaken my journey have definitely been contributing factors to my success that is to come.


S0uthernGirl said...

I think that getting Sisterlocks can have a huge effect on your life. I don't think that I'm going through some sort of massive change or getting more in touch with myself because I am wearing my natural hair in the form of locks. Maybe that is because I can't remember a time where I ever felt that my sense of self was tied to a physical trait... I've always identified myself more by my personality traits and by the things that are important to me (like being very family oriented, loyal, intelligent, and hardworking) than anything else.

Nevertheless I am changing. And I think that those changes and the awareness that I'm feeling now come from being a part of the SL community and being able to share the lives of so many fabulous, positive women who are living their dreams. I don't always comment but I do lurk in all (and I mean all) of the SL blogs LOL. Seeing women like you, Carmen, Ally, living their dreams and taking that first step to making it happen by quiting jobs, relocating, etc. was and is so inspiring. And I won't even begin listing those bloggers who are already doing what they love.

I returned to school this year after 7 1/2 years to finish my undergrad studies and am considering relocating for grad school and trying to figure out how to fit a study abroad program in. After "meeting" all of you I'm replacing "I wish I had" or "I wish I could" with plans to make my dreams happen.

Hmmm... this comment is getting pretty long so I'll shut up now. (As you can see, in your absence I have become the substitute Long Winded Commenter lol).

blackrussian said...

Girl...I couldn't have said it better myself!

I remember (and I've talked about this before) hearing the SL slogan: it's not a hairstyle it's a lifestyle... and thinking: Yeah right...some ppl are a little too full of themselves IT CAN'T be ALL that!

And there are those who say that locks make you more spiritual and put you more in tune with yourself and the universe...etc...

And for some people that may be true.

But, like you, I already felt pretty self-aware and comfortable with myself - based on my personality more than my looks.

However, what I feel like Sisterlocks has done is put me in touch with this amazing network of women. AND...

I do spend less time (and money) on my hair which leaves more time (and money) for other things.

I never felt like I spent an inordinate amount of time on my hair. It was just one of those things I had to do, like sleeping, eating, and working. But now that I don't have to, I can't imagine living any other way.

I used to have to plan activities and outfits around my hairstyle and the weather and where I was in the salon none of that factors in to any of my decisions!

There is so much freedom in that and it does change your life!

It ISN'T a massive change, but it is a significant change!

I really hope you get to study abroad. That's something I always wanted to do and never got around to. Keep us posted!

From the OLWC to the NLWC - I'm glad someone stepped up to take my place!

muslimahlocs said...

s0uthern girl almost made me cry. but then my dh thinks i am a wimp who will cry at the drop of a hat. i wish that i had the time to dream more...but having hmc is the most wonderful dream fulfilled that i could ever imagine...

SeZ said...

I love your hair and the excitement your showing about the "new you". I can not wait and like you I feel that it will feel up other things for me to focus on. I spend a lot of money on products that it is unbelievable really. I also will buy a new product before using all of the one I just brought. It is maddness and I'm looking forward to joining you are soon. What size locs do you have?

n'Drea said...

Congrats on reaching 10 months! Looking forward to see those pics of the big 1.

'Listening' to you, I can hear the growth and maturity that have been taking place in your life. Stepping out of your comfort zones have stretched you. You'll never be the same again. Continue to reach further for the fulfillment of your dreams. Always enjoy being YOU. Keep on affirming yourself. I'm proud of you.