Saturday, April 5, 2008

Leatherheads Bonus!

Okay, so it was cooler than I thought it would be to go to the movies and see places I know from main street and the football field from a school where I used to teach. I got an unexpected rush of excitement and spontaneously grabbed the arm of my date saying, "Look! Look! That's here - in Greenville!" was totally obvious.

I lived in D.C. and I've been to major cities like NY, Chicago, LA, and Miami numerous times. Those cities are always in the movies and on tv, so when I see actors on location at a place where I've also stood and it's the Rockefeller Plaza or Grand Central, it ain't no thang..., but when I saw the hotel that was across the street from where I used to work in downtown (small town) Greenville - it was pretty awesome!

But that wasn't the bonus!

Whodathunk there would be a locked sister in the movie???

Not me.

There's a scene in a speakeasy with a soulful blues singer crooning, 'The Man I Love.' And who was it but Ledisi! If you don't know who she is, follow the link and check out her myspace page.

*Lest you be disappointed when and if you see the movie, she was wearing a wig in keeping with the period. And I ain't mad at her either. Because I don't believe she was hiding her heritage. She was playing a character and wearing a costume.

Her locks would have been as anachronistic as an afro and bellbottoms. Do we think Renee Zellweger wore those pincurls off the set? Probably not.

Although... I loved her costumes too. She was almost always in red/orange/rust colors - which I have more than my faair share of hanging in my closet. And the hats from that age are my favorite. If I could find them, I would wear them now - on occasion, of course, not the kind of look I would rock every day.

Anyway...that's today's $0.02.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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shavonne said...

I hate comment spam.

So it is possible to have locks and still do a period piece. I had this thought in my head that locks would be too bulky to just put a wig over.

blackrussian said...

Me too! I never used to get it. (Comment spam.) Do you know how to make it stop?

So it is...One of the things I love about my Sisterlocks is their non-bulkiness. I always saw people with locks who couldn't wear wigs or normal hats.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE hats and I was a little worried I would have to give them up.

However, my locks will lay flat enough to my head that I could wear a wig (with a cap, of course) if I wanted to (although as yet I haven't wanted to).

And I wore hats all winter with no problem whatsoever.

I think this is not the case for everyone, and my situation may change once my hair gets longer, but at 13 months I think it's about as thick as it's going to get.

I don't think I'll be able to bundle my longer hair into and under a cap, but it seems like I will be able to wear any hat I want as long as I pull my hair into a low bun, ponytail, or chignon.

It's funny. I wear hats for style(and warmth) more than for bad hair days, but 'hat hair' was almost always unavoidable. So a lot of times wearing a hat with loose hair meant I had to commit to it for the day.

This winter I found that hat hair was no longer an issue. No matter how long I wore a hat or to what degree my locks were smashed and flattened, all I had to do when I got where I was going was take off the hat and shake out my locks. It was great!

dreamangel75 said...

This lady's locks are beautiful! Btw, glad to hear you are loving your Sisterlocks. I also wanted to say hello. I hope all is well! Take care!

CarmenNC said...

I just knew that was you in the picture of Ledisi. That's how long it's been since you've blogged and shared pictures. LOL.

I was getting spam until I changed the comment options to provide a word recognition code. It slows down comments but it is very useful. I get a bit upset seeing a new comment and click on the icon and it's SPAM.