Friday, June 26, 2009

Hairstories Needed!

Snagged this info from Muslimahlocs - A message from Michelle B. at the Sisterlocks Home Office:

Recently, there have been some talk shows featuring Black Hair but none of them have had any reference to Sisterlocks. It's time we flood the media with information on Sisterlocks and how much we love our hair, appreciate Dr. Cornwell for providing the ultimate option to natural hair and basically let them know that they cannot feature natural hair without recognizing Sisterlocks.

CNN is featuring part 2 of Black in America. Please click on the link and write your Hair Story.

The question is: What does your hair mean to you?

Please tell your story; post a picture of your gorgeous Sisterlocks and let the world know how you feel about your hair.

Click here: Black in America: Hair-story: News & Videos about Black in America: Hair-story -

There's power in numbers so let's band together and get the word out about Sisterlocks.

Thanks so much for your support,Michelle B.

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