Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy Stuff

So... the hubby and I have decided to lease his condo and live elsewhere.

We're doing the usual things. We printed flyers. We posted online.

But we also decided to be a little more proactive and browse the Craigslist 'housing wanted' section for potential tenants. Well... I found this title and had to read!

Sex offenders not all the same

I kid you not!

He goes on to elaborate about why he should be given a chance:

Just because I am a sex offender does not mean I am not normal, can not pay my bills, or am a danger to others. I grew up in incest and continued the cycle. I have since grown up and learned the error of my ways.

Just because I was conditioned to resort to sex to handle my stress and abuse as a child does not mean that I will repeat those same mistakes. For one, I have learned the punishment for engaging in sex crimes and never wish to go back there.

I will pay my rent on time, cause no problems, keep to myself, and will be thankful for being given a chance.

I just want a place to live. I can afford up to $600 a month. I want running water but will consider a cabin if that is my only choice. I would like to stay in the valley, but will consider going to A-. Serious replies only please. Hatemongers and sadists please do not reply.

I guess in a way, he does have a point. Sex offenders need a place to live too, but I couldn't rent to one in my neighborhood in good conscience. It's just one of those things...


Cashana said...

SMH! Since I work with the legal portion of SO here in Alabama, I know he struggles to find a legal place he can dwell. However, the law is the law. I think there is a place in GA that is like a forest or something where they have tents or something where they are not in violation.

Eventually, the laws will make the only place SO can live will be prison. When I go to conferences, this is a hot button topic.

blackrussian said...

I do feel bad for him in a way. I understand why the laws are on the books about not being near schools and children, but at the same time, where are sex offenders supposed to live and work when they get out?

Schools and children are everywhere!

I don't want to say that individuals bear no responsibility for their actions, but it is sad that ppl who are abused as children grow up to be abusers much of the time.

It's NOT their fault that they were subjected to that at a young age and had no one to help them cope at the time.

Then there are the studies that say that sex offenders are never really reformed and are always a threat. It is such a complex problem with no easy answers.

I didn't know that about your work...

Does anyone have realistic, practical solutions when you go to conferences?

All I ever hear in the public forum is: lock 'em up and throw away the key.

Which doesn't seem fair or humane.