Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Too Busy to Style

I was reading this post by Sunshine Sisterlocks and saw a comment I can readily identify with: too busy to style, but thankfully I don't have to!

That has been the story of my life since I started my SLs. I think about the hours I spent straightening my hair or twisting it or getting some form of extensions. And I'm just like: where would I find the time anymore?

I literally never style my hair. I don't curl it or twist it or braid it out. I wash and go all the time.

My style options consist of down, down with a headband or scarf, and up in a bun or ponytail.

I have enough length that I could actually do some pretty fabulous stuff. And occasionally I feel like I should, but somehow I never get around to it.

For months I've been saying I should curl it because it is at sort of a weird layered just-past-my-shoulders length where it should be longer or shorter and now it just sort of hangs.

But I haven't done it yet and I have an itching feeling that by the time I get truly motivated it will probably have grown past this stage.

One of the most wonderful things about Sisterlocks is the freedom to freestyle. I never have to think about what to do with my hair. I don't have to plan around the weather or exercise or money. I retighten myself, so my roots are always neat.

I don't have to worry about humidity or rain or sweat or water. I can go swimming. I can get caught in a downpour. I can let my hair get soaking wet in the shower or bath. I can wash it in the morning before work or worship and let it air dry on the way.

And it looks the same. So liberating...

I wish all black women could experience this freedom at least once in their lives.

As much as I look at loose hair sometimes and wish I could alternate between locks and a fabulous fro or silky smooth straight hair, every time I think of the time freedom I've gained by wearing my hair locked, I just know I'm not going back any time soon.

I will never say never, but most definitely not in the foreseeable future.


Cashana said...

I prefer my hair styled more than freestyle, and believe me in the beginning it was exactly the opposite. My length is the issue, and when it is straight it is lifeless. Only problem, I don't have the time to style my hair. So the ponytail is the way to go. LOL!

blackrussian said...

I fully admit that my locks are at a stage where they would look BETTER styled, hence the reason I may break down and start styling soon, but they still look good enough without me doing anything.

I get tired of looking at the sameness sometimes, but other people compliment me on a regular basis.

I don't wear makeup regularly, either. Because once you start, people expect it and then when you don't wear it, you look worse.

I'm really that all-natural. So when I do wear make-up, I look prettier than normal and everybody's like: Wow! And it's unexpected. That's kind of how I do with my hair.

All about the ponytail because I don't like the feel of hair in my face and on my neck, too.