Monday, September 3, 2007

Entrepreneurial Inspiration #1 - Taryn Rose

Have you heard of Taryn Rose? (read her bio and view a pic)

She left a career as a surgeon to become a seller of shoes. Why?

Here is a quote from Maria Bartiromo's article, 'The Risk Taker', found in the April 2007 issue of Reader's Digest. "Rose found her heart was no longer in medicine. 'I felt like a part of me, the part that loves to learn new things, that likes adventure, would be dying.' "

Now, how many of us can identify with those sentiments? Cluizel and Muslimahlocs come most readily to mind after having recently read their posts about dissatisfaction with their chosen careers, but it seems to be going around. I know they are not the only ones who feel that way. In the six months I have been blogging I have noticed a trend.

If one of us locked bloggers feels a certain way about a thing, chances are 5 of us or 12 of us or 20 of us feel exactly the same way, and that is just the reading I get from those who give feedback by e-mail and leave comments. There is no way to measure how many others read and feel kindred, but make no permanent record of it.

Taryn Rose started with a $200,000 SBA loan in 1998. Today Taryn Rose International is worth $28 million.

The article continues, "Rose realized the only thing stopping her was, 'fear of failure. I could hear my friends and family saying, "Why did you leave a secure job?" If I failed, would I be okay facing them? And I thought, So what? I can go back to do a fellowship. I started to accept that it would be okay to say, "I failed, but I tried." Once I was comfortable with that scenario, the fear dissolved. I realized that I feared regret more than failure. And after you embark on the path you choose, there is nothing acceptable but success.' "

And I thought of you, Carmen. I remembered the words of inspiration you have on your blog, "Nothing beats a failure but a try."

But you know what?

We won't fail. There is always much greater motivation to make something work when it is for us. For our happiness and fulfillment, to take care of our families, our children, than when it is to enrich someone else or provide security for their futures and their offspring.

I like her words, "After you embark on the path you choose, there is nothing acceptable but success." (italics mine)

That statment is powerful. Power-full. Full of power.

It's time we decided to make choices that will help us 'get ours.'

For more on the practical steps Taryn Rose took to start her business and build her brand, see the complete article here.

As for the shoes she makes, Manolos they're not, but they also aren't your grandmother's orthopedic uglies. If I had reached that point in my life where comfort trumps style (and I could afford them), I would wear them. Right now, I am likely to be seen one of two ways: in 4 inch heels or barefoot. So I will probably pay for it later, but alas, that time is not yet....

No one says you have to quit your job tomorrow or throw caution to the wind, and most of us do have a degree and a skill set that will give us 'something to fall back on' if we have to. But each of us who has a dream deferred or an original idea or seeds of discontent should at least try to follow the proverbial path not taken.

Entrepreneurial Inspirations are going to be a regular feature on my blog. I was inspired to start it by the always intriguing Sophia and her Beauty Inspirations. Since so many of us have entrepreneurial leanings, I would like to feature successful women (preferably minorities, though they do not have to be african-american) who have made it in business by finding a formula that has allowed them to make money whilst following their dreams.

I am passionate about this. I frequently stumble across stories on my own because it is a subject that interests me and I am always doing research, (I am currently in the process of creating my own product and building my own brand...shhh don't tell's in the earliest newborn fragile stages where I am most afraid of failure and lack of follow-through and commitment on my own part....) but I welcome submissions from readers. Please feel free to tell me of anyone you have read about that you would like for me to feature.

It is my goal to post monthly, but I will post bi-weekly if I have enough stories.


muslimahlocs said...

i probably have not heard of taryn rose b/c it looks like the minimum price for a pair of her walkers is @ $400. more power to her though! i'll look forward to hearing about your new product though!

blackrussian said...

But they're IT-taaa-lyan dah-link!

Ah...capitalism at it's best, right? Can I get somebody to pay me like that?

For real, I don't even want to. But, yeah. More power to her.

My product/concept is much more modest and down-to-earth. More along the lines of Brunsli's Hair Ties and Carmen's Tomoka's Twists.

Inspired by, but not for natural hair...hmm...stay tuned...

(Oh, and under $30!)

n'Drea said...

I like this idea of yours, and thanks for sharing on Ms. Rose. What an inspiration to reach beyond our fears to achieve our dreams. I left my former job and industry to preserve my sanity. That was the biggest risk I had ever taken, because I left without securing another job. But I only did it after much prayer. Your feature has helped to inspire me more to continue seeking after my real niche in life. Girl, go after your dream, and don't stop until you get it. I'm rooting for you.

brunsli said...

As so often happens, your post ties in with something I've been thinking about blogging about -- going back to school for a career change. This fall, for a change, I'll be going back to work, not school.

As far as Taryn Rose, I've seen her shoes in Nordy's, got all excited about a pair of flats, but was sticker-shocked when I turned them over. But, you Missy, with your 4" heels, will be wearing them soon! Can you cut down to 2-3 times per week or evenings only?

Goodnapps said...

This post is right on and the kind of stories that have inspired me do dedicate a separate blog on the subject.

Good for you for stepping past the fear and pursuing your own entrepreneurial dreams. I can't wait to see your product launch.

Renea said...

I also notice how harmonic our blogs have become. I like it. Maybe too much. I spend more time reading everyone's blogs than I do socializing in 'real time.'
Alas, I have reached the age where comfort trumps style. I am just about to pack up some never-worn stilettos and send them on their way. I am too cheap(and poor)to buy Taryn Rose. I wear Aerosoles! At first, I was worried about it. But now, I'm just tickled about it. I do make sure I don't wear the orthopedic loafers though.

Naturally Sophia said...

I love the idea and can't wait to read more posts and see your product. Thank you for the honorable mention. I think we are livin' in mutual appreciation-ville. I am happy for Taryn but can't afford to suppost her. But with the $28 million gross, maybe I should sell something to her. lol!

Carmen In NC said...

I got another one for you. Dream It, Think It, Plan It, Do It, Live It, Love It! Thank you for the shout out.

Anonymous said...

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