Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I like your hair...

So it did happen....

Exactly one month ago I posted about how nice it would be if curious people would ask questions about my hair instead of staring rudely without speaking. Well, I had just determined it would be that way and decided to get used to it.

But just today one of the students at the school where I work approached me in the break room and said, "I like your hair, who does it?"

I was nearly floored! I was so excited to get to talk about my Sisterlocks to someone who wasn't already a friend or acquaintance! I explained that they were Sisterlocks and a little about how they're done and invited her to my computer to show her pictures on my blog and on the official website. I also gave her the address of the LHBE and my consultant's phone number.

She told me that she does braids and had heard of Sisterlocks, but had not seen them before. I told her how much I love mine. She was wearing a head wrap, so I didn't see her hair, but she told me that she was all natural and looking for an alternative to braids. I told her she should definitely look into Sisterlocks and do some research. I am looking forward to talking to her again to see what she decides.


Aya said...

How wonderful. Wouldn't that be great if when you say her again,she was sporting sisterlocks? You never know. I'm sure she was marvleled at the sight of yours!!!!

muslimahlocs said...

aren't you glad that you were having a good hair day? ...oh, wait everyday is a good hair day with sisterlocks! keep winning them over one sister at a time!

Goodnapps said...

Well how wonderful. But I'm not surprised. Someone who is ready to make the journey and not shy...definitely will give a compliment and ask more questions.

The next trick becomes when to just say "thank you" and shut up vs going into "these are Sisterlocks yadda yadda yadda..."

blackrussian said...

Aya, I work at a real estate school and we start new classes at two and four week intervals, so we have quite the turnover. (It's a 60 hr course: 2 weeks for day classes and 4 weeks for night classes.) That means I will probably see her again on Monday. I doubt she was so inspired by my SLs as to rush right out and get them, (MOST people can't even raise the FUNDS that quickly, let alone make the decision) but I will be interested to see if she gets them in the next couple of months.

Since she is used to doing her own hair, I don't know how she will feel about the cost of installation. I kind of want to talk to her again because I believe they are totally worth it.

Some people talk to a consultant and get a quote and just think: that's a lot of money to spend on a hairstyle, and they don't realize that it really is an investment, like a home improvement. It's something that stays with you and pays dividends over time. (I can't say how much I feel like I've earned back already in terms of time NOT spent fussing with and fretting over my hair! Literally HOURS every week that I can spend doing other things. And I actually spend LESS money on products and maintenance. But I know that is not the case for everyone.)

Somebody broke it down in a recent post about the cost of Sls compared to a good weave or set of kinky twists or micros.

If you know you're going to keep them - even for as little as two years, they're worth the investment!

Plus, since she is used to doing her own hair she could definitely save money by retightening herself. (Even though my consultant's prices are EXTREMELY reasonable, I know that sometimes every little bit of savings helps. A retightening can be equivalent to several tanks of gas!)

ML, The funny thing is that I had tried a twist out. (I was inspired by Sunsail; hers looked SO CUTE, mine, not so, hence, no pics.)

I was NOT feeling my hair AT ALL that day, but I decided to wear it and see if it grew on me. I knew it didn't look just didn't look as GOOD as I wanted it to.

And the student said she liked that style....If we could only see ourselves as others see us sometimes.

GN, for the most part, I DO manage to say 'thank you' w/o going into my SL spiel, but I could tell she had more than casual interest by her tone and body language, and that's why I launched into 'marketing rep/brand ambassador' mode.