Friday, September 21, 2007

Update on the Twins

Some of you will remember that early on (it was around the time of my first or second retite) I got two pairs of new locks at the front of my hairline and at the nape of my neck. I playfully declared them twins and named them.

Well, as problem-free and well-behaved as the rest of my locks have been, those four are giving me fits. I don't know if it is because they are so much smaller and shorter or what. The two up front (Artemis and Apollo) both want to stick straight up all the time now - they must be hitting adolescence - and the ends have been open and scraggly-looking as opposed to the neat coils I am used to with all of the rest of my locks.

Apollo just formed a knot, not a ball, mind you, a knot. I am resisting the urge to cut it in hopes that it will become a ball and thicken and close. It is a true micro-lock and at the end it terminates in about 10 strands of hair, so I had this teeny-tiny knot and then about another half inch of wild ends. It wouldn't be too terribly bad if the lock would lie down and blend in with the rest, but it really does stick up like a genuine, bona fide cowlick!

I finally couldn't take it anymore and cut the half inch off back to the knot.

I didn't want to, but I will have to rely on bobby pins to hold these babies down for who knows how long.

Then there are Sergei and Svetlana. My consultant has had to put them back in at every retightening. Those two have slipped out like clockwork each time between the third and fourth weeks. I'm not sure what happens, but I think it is something to do with the ratio of locked hair to new growth. Because that hair is shorter and thinner than the rest, but grows incredibly fast, it's like it reaches this point where I have a lot of new growth and it sort of wiggles it's way out of the pattern because there's a lot of 'play' or 'give' or 'slack' with that inch or so of unlocked hair.

This happened three or four times before and last time I decided I would just go back and have Phyllis retighten those two at three weeks. She kindly obliged. I had several additional little coils at my nape - little ringlets of hair that kept pulling free from their assigned locks.

Now that I have locks, I am really bothered by having any loose hair at all. It really bothers me, so I had twisted them myself just so they weren't tiny beady puffs. (It was really not that serious and I should have just ignored them.)

I wanted to ask Phyllis to see if she could make them into locks, but I felt silly because they are such tiny tufts of hair and no one ever said it all needs to be locked up...and I didn't want her to think I was being a ridiculous perfectionist, so I didn't ask.

But she knows me so well now that she did turn them into locks without me having to say a word. She chuckled a little as she did so, and I didn't even want to know what she was thinking. I know I amuse her with some of my silly little hang-ups, but she loves me anyway.

I now have a total of 9 locks that have been started since my initial install. All of them are at my hairline and are formed from strands of hair that kept pulling free from surrounding locks. They are all very short and very thin and I am interested to see what will happen to them, whether they will develop and mature or whether they will need to be combined later on. I think it is very funny too, because I was so adamant about not having any very thin locks and now I have 9 - all at my own insistence!

I am one week from my 6 month anniversary. I suppose I will post new pics around about then. Assuming I have not run myself completely ragged....More to come on the entrepreneurial efforts.


Mel said...

Watch yourself with those scissors; you know how addictive cutting can be!

Carmen In NC said...

You are too funny. I have locks that I want to arm wrestle. And please keep us - me - updated on your product.

blackrussian said...

You know Mel, I am so tempted to do my own grooming because I have several places where there is always the same bit of fuzz on my locks and I KNOW it's still gonna be there 6 months from now. I'm 95% sure anyway, so I feel like I might as well just snip it off now.

Then there are several of my ends that have sealed, but I have 3 - 5 strands that are poking out the bottom. I'm pretty certain I will take scissors to those. There are somewhere between 5 and 15. They're all in the back and I can only feel them and not see them, so I don't know if it's the same or different ones.

Carmen....Girl...I started writing a post about it...I've been so extremely busy trying to do my start-up that I haven't written anybody back; I know I owe you a personal reply from the last e-mail you sent me.

And I owe you a special dedicated post!

Not much change in my locks from month 5, so I think I will make it my 6 month post...

Cashana said...

Too funny. I have had a couple of new locks added since my first install had one installed on 9/20. I was trying to twist up all that hair, but I left it alone when I wash the night before and she just did her thing with it. I also have a couple of locks one in the back and one on the side that have to be install every retightening. Oh well...

brunsli said...

How cute that you've named your locks!

I only have one with a name -- "the lock that won't." But now she did!

Renea said...

OK...You are still in my head. I ended up having to start two new locks at the nape of my neck on opposite sides of my head. At first they were just little curls there, now they re each about five inches long. They will not be tamed into ponytails or all.

Maybe you just get over the neat thing. Because after awhile I stopped caring. When I did that bun photo a couple of weeks back. I laughed at my 'kitchen.' I never look back there anymore. And I could care less whether it's neat or not. I went through this phase with a baby brush trying to sweep everything in...but now I never give it a thought. I don't even have that baby brush anymore. My favorite is when someone who visits me is hapless enough to ask for a comb! I bought some to take the consultant training class, but I have no idea where they are.

Renea said...

Oh...I just read your comment! Don't groom your locks. You are in that teen phase. Those frizzy, stray hairs will pull back into the lock. If you trim them, you will be vulnerable to breakage later.

Naturally Sophia said...

Wow! I thought I was the only one that named their locs. You are in my head too! I can't imagine not having loose hair. Even when I had traditional locs, there was always this halo of fuzz around my head. lol! I like organic locs, I say let them be as they are because they allow you to be who you are. Smiles!

Sogolocs said...

I have four new locks, surrounding my hairline, they appear to have a life of their own. I have to have them re-established frequently. It sure does make you gain patience. Hang in there...The next 6 months will fly by.