Sunday, November 18, 2007

So What Do You Think?

This post is 0% about my hair, but it is about locks.

You wouldn't know this about me because I've never posted this info, but I love movies! Good movies, bad movies....epic films and awful TV movies that show up on Sci-Fi...Classics with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford...quirky comedy/love story/fantasy movies like The Princess Bride....Cartoons, excuse me, animated features. My tastes are really all over the place!

Anyway, I am a regular visitor to IMDB. I love that site!

How many times do you find yourself looking at a movie and wondering what else you've seen a lesser known actor or actress in? You wrack your brain trying to recall, right?

Well, no more. Simply visit IMDB: type in the movie you've just seen them in, or their name if you know it, and you can get a list of every movie they've ever been credited in. It's awesome!

The site also has trailers of past and upcoming movies, reviews, gossip, message boards -everything movies!

So I was on the site just minutes ago and I saw a trailer for a movie called 10,000 B.C. that is scheduled to be released in March. If you watch the trailer, you'll see that quite a few of the characters seem to be dreadlocked. And they are the long, thick, I've-never-combed-my-hair-in-my-life dreadlocks.

Now, if you've followed my blog and read comments I've left on others, you'll know that I am the first to say I think there need to be more locks in the media....and I appreciate when directors and costume designers have a vision for a film that includes locks as a symbol of power or freedom or strength or individuality. Sometimes actors and actresses decide that locks will represent their character better than other hair styles. And that's all good.

However, sometimes (often) locks are used to represent people who are on the fringes of society - dirty or homeless or drug-addicted. Wayward or rebellious or some other bad influence. And this is not good.

I haven't seen the movie. My guess is that the trailer I saw is less than 60 seconds long, so, I can't pass final judgment on it, but, from what I've seen the locks seem to represent caveman grunge and savagery, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Opinions, please.


muslimahlocs said...

i would be tempted to laugh if it weren't true. it's "tragicomic" as brother dr. cornell west puts it.

Anonymous said...

I've seen so many movies where the poorer people in a society have locks and not just the black people...

When I first mentioned I was interested in locking my friends and family all thought that locks were for people who were poor and dirty. Many movies and people, of which a great deal of our own race, think only poor and dirty/grungy people wear locks. Just ask a couple natural headed people why they choose not to lock and many will state the stereotypes that come along with them.

Amina said...

I just saw that trailer when I went to see "I Am Legend." I feel like it's another case of when a Black style (hair, clothes, etc.) crosses over. I adamantly stated to my friend that no matter how long a Caucasian person doesn't comb their hair, ITS NOT GONNA LOCK! I, personally, was disgusted.