Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tiny Locks

You know what Amina?

Just the other day someone said to me, "Your locks are so tiny. It seems like they would break..."

No one has ever said that to me in more than a year, so it was quite the surprise, but my hair was up and you could see all of the little ones around the hairline.

Of course, I explained that unlike other types of locks, Sisterlocks are formed using a patented tool and interlocking method, so they are very strong. I even let her tug on a few to see for herself. She was also surprised that they were so soft.

But girl....Your locks are super-tiny!

Not especially by Sisterlocks standards, but people will probably always comment on them . I just think people aren't used to seeing them - especially in combination with the kind of length you have.

My locks are small as compared to other locks, but they're kind of on the big side for SLs. I never think about this because the only locks I see up close on a regular basis are my own and my consultant's and they're about the same size.

But when I went to my first SL gathering in Charlotte everyone had little ones like yours and I felt like mine were freakishly huge (although they aren't).

I wondered if there would ever come a time when I wished that mine were smaller.

A few days later while I was retightening I thought: NOPE! I made the right choice for me.

I have about 100 tiny ones and it is SO tedious on the self-tite! Other people may not mind AT ALL, but for me - I'd just as soon NOT be bothered.

I have come to like self-tightening, but I would loathe it if I had a head full of small locks.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! In the beginning it was all about numbers but now I wouldn't mind having 250-300 locks.....phew....

I think most of my locks are medium...

Amina said...

I feel so special, to have a post directed towards me!

I used to get comments about my hair. I currently do not. I don't know why. It went from, "those are tiny, are they Sisterlocks?" to "....crickets chirping...." Nothing. In a way I guess I'm happy that I don't get "they're so tiny" anymore.

I am, however, dreading the day that length and number are going to kill me. I have been told I have the size of Dr. C's sl's. I have also been told that there was a pt where she was retightening everyday, just to keep up. Jeesh!

CarmenNC said...

Your ideas in the post are why I started my SLs large. It is a lot of work to retighten.

Naturally Sophia said...

It is a lot of work to retighten. And Amina your Sisterlocks are smaller than Dr. Cornwells. I have seen her in person. And yours look way smaller. But you can always combine them later if you want.

Aya said...

It is a lot of work tightening your own locks. It takes me several days to tighten these 500+ locks. Not only that, it is growing faster than before so it seems I'm always in my hair.

blackrussian said...

I'm sure it's on your blog, but I'm too distracted to make my way over there right now. How many locks DO you have MM?

Amina, girl, you know you ARE special! And I find that the comments come in waves. Sometimes you get a lot and sometimes, nothing.

I don't think it has anything at all to do with how they look. I think it's more about who you're around at any given time.

I retighten a little every day. I don't have to, but I just find that it's easier.

I'd rather do tiny 20 minute sessions every day while I watch tv than have to sit down for an hour or two at a stretch every couple of weeks.

That makes it much less of a chore. It's more like flossing or taking a shower. I know it's not hygiene, but it has become a daily habit that just feels normal.

Aya, I never count how many I do each day. It's like: what's the point?

But, yeah, my hair grows pretty fast too and I'm amazed that each day there are locks to tighten that I didn't find the day before.

I always think: how much did my hair grow overnight?