Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sixteen Months and Still in Love

Wow! Sixteen months - I can hardly believe it.

I am still every bit as much in love with my locks as ever, but like a lot of people I have been through stages of boredom and frustration - wishing they were different and briefly longing for the days when my hair was not on lockdown.

Sometimes I do want my silky smooth hair that I could comb and brush. Sometimes I do want to wear styles that are no longer optional. I think what a fierce fro I could wear with the length I've got now. I think what styles I could craft from waves and curls and coils if it were loose.

But the reality is that in all of my life before Sisterlocks, I rarely wore the styles I long for now. A handful of times for all, with the exception of straightened hair. I looked back on ten years of pictures and I was wearing essentially the same hairstyle in all of them.

I had variations in color, slight changes in length and parting, but it was almost always a layered shag or bob. That's how my hair grows and it was a look that was flattering and easy to maintain.

When I wasn't wearing that style I had two-strand twists using my own hair or kinky twists with extensions. Those were my staples.

Right now it is hot - summer in the South is sweltering. I've been running errands and having meetings and going shopping for my business and I tell you - many a day I have broken a sweat before I know it.

I'm one of those people who sweats at the scalp. So my head has been drenched with sweat, but did I look like it? Did I have puffy roots? Did my curls fall out? No. So every time I've wished I had a different look, I've remembered those facts.

I have almost no time to spend fussing with my hair. If I didn't have the locks, I would be looking a hot mess a good deal of the time. Not really, because I believe in looking my best, but it would definitely take a lot more time, trouble, energy, and money to keep myself looking good. I am so happy that I discovered Sisterlocks.

I used to wear kinky twists during the summer to deal with the heat and humidity, but my own hair is so much softer and lighter and more versatile - not to mention cheaper, cleaner, and easier to maintain.


muslimahlocs said...

i was just about to think of your recent blog posts as just teasers. my very first client (1997) sent me some pictures of her hair today and she is still working them like they were brand new! hmmm...maybe i will ask permission to post her pics on my blog. stay back.

Anonymous said...

Amen to Sisterlocks!!!!

Helga said...

I've just returned from a more humid climate, and I have to say, it was great for my hair! I know the summer heat in the south is something specific, but I think that the humidity may be good for skin and hair!

blackrussian said...

ML, with all the drafts I've got, there's no excuse for me not to post with some regularity.

MM, What else is there to say?

Helga, My hair loves the humidity and water - now - pre-sisterlocks they were my enemy!

Aya said...

Sixteen months already? I'm a few months ahead of you, but it sounds like you're still loving your locks. Isn't it great that water or humidity is no longer our hair enemy?

Aya said...

Oh yeah, where's the picture updates???

blackrussian said...

So true Aya! And even I am annoyed that there are no pics...getting around to it...