Saturday, July 5, 2008

Not this year....

So I was all hyped to go to the Sisterlocks Homecoming.

I've been thinking about and planning for it all year. everyone knows, I started the business.

I was hoping to have found a qualified partner or hired a personal assistant by now to be able to handle things for me while I am away or if I get sick, but not so far.

I had a really promising meeting with another stager who has her own business the other day. We see eye to eye on a lot of things and we have many of the same goals and principles. We intend to work together on a few projects and see what happens after that.

But...that's not helping me in the here and the now. Just because of where I am in the cycle of business operations and marketing, I can't afford to be away because I can't lose momentum. I have to follow up some hot leads and I have some obligations to existing clients and there is no one here to work on it, but me....which fact I defintely hope to change in the next 6 months.

....So I can take that week-long vacation to the Carribean!

We'll have to meet some other time Muslimah. I am quite disappointed.


muslimahlocs said...

oooooohhhhhhh, i was so looking forward to meeting you. insha Allah (God-willing), another time and hopefully doing something even more fun than gabbing about hair!
i wish you all the best of success with your business.
still no pics, i see! EVEN I post pictures, even though you cannot directly see my face or hair! (LOL)

blackrussian said...

I am most disappointed about not getting to meet YOU in person, ML!

I am WAY overdue for a trip to the west coast, so I am still trying to figure out how I can make it out there and when.

Is there anything worth planning a trip around in winter? I always get the blahs between November and February and it's a slow period for real estate.

Plus that's months and months away so I should have more admin and sales support in place by then.