Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just So You Know...

I'll be making some changes to the layout and content of my blog over the next couple of weeks. I am very serious about my weight loss efforts and I intend to start a separate blog to chronicle that project. I'm not quite sure if it will take.

I have a small enough following for my Sisterlocks blog, and I'm uncertain whether I will have the focus and discipline to maintain two blogs. I'm pretty sure there will be a fair amount of overlap.

I haven't yet decided whether I will post any new content on the new blog or whether I will just use it as a place to organize all of my weight-loss posts, so that they are not scattered among my hair posts. If someone wants to read them all together they will be in a central location.


muslimahlocs said... then i would have to keep track of you on at least two different blogs.

think @ this...what would meikmeika's blog be w/out vegan food, creyole's w/out louisiana, carmen w/out well...carmenness, mine w/out islam, brunsli's w/out travel, etc. i think tracking your weight loss on your sisterlocks blog would be of great benefit to those who are trying to loose weight. for many, sisterlocks is a part of a broader journey...sometimes it's the impetus for, others it's the culmination of (note "big words") personal growth and development. but that's just my opinion.

blackrussian said...

You know, the second blog is more for me. I mentioned needing a place to 'keep' my weight loss posts.

For real, if you saw my dashboard...

I have about 50 unfinished posts.

You all think I'm prolific in my have no idea...

I do finish them and cycle them out, but I always have new ideas.

I'm keeping THIS blog. I'm working to pay the bills. I'm doing research all the time. Trying to start my business/secure funding...AND trying to lose weight, train for the marathon, and LOSE WEIGHT!

So, I just needed to compartmentalize a little bit. I needed to give the weight loss posts their own place to live.

I've been writing them, but I haven't posted any yet....Because they're not finished. But rest assured I will do one of two things.

I will post in both places, or I will post on THIS blog a note to say that the other one has been updated. Cut and paste is mah-vell-ous, dear!

muslimahlocs said...

I hear you. I'll just add the new blog to my bloglines, God-willing, when you start posting.