Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!

Hayden Panettiere and Anne Hathaway? Really? I think that is so funny, but the interesting thing is that Hayden has always vaguely reminded me of my sister's daughter.

I joked with DSTDiva about being asian, but look at me!

I picked a straight hair picture to match, just because most of my SL pics are in profile and/or have hair in my face obscuring my features.

Apparently I look most like Gabrielle Union...Which is incredibly flattering! (Although I'm reluctant to believe it.)

...and Dave Chappelle!...Which I think is absolutely hilarious, but I actually can see the resemblance, although I never would have come up with it on my own.

Who thinks I look more like Dave than anyone else up there? (I do!) Too funny!

About 10 years ago when she was in MIB II I had the biggest girl crush on Rosario Dawson! I was mesmerized every time she came on screen. I was just like: wow! She is SO beautiful. (I was about to question my sexuality.) Somewhere along the way I figured out that I am so fascinated with her because she looks a lot like my mother and a few of my aunts, and we are often attracted to people who look like family. So I think it is very interesting that she is in my Celebrity Look-a-likes!

Below is the same assortment of celebrities. I liked this layout better, but you can't see the photos of Rosario and Hayden very well and the site doesn't give the option to manipulate the order, apparently it sorts them by percentage match.

Someday I may go back and try it with a different picture and see if I get different results. It's a fun way to waste 15 minutes on the 'net, not unlike YouTube.


Renea said...

Well, apparently we both look like Gabrielle Union. Though you definitely look more like her than I do. I think the hair has a lot to do with the matches. And bravo to you for posting the Dave Chappelle match--you don't look like him. I really did get Linford Christie and there was no way I was going t post that!

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that I look at it, you do look like Gabrielle Union. Very high Cheek bones.

And Dave Chappelle?? That is a little funny that they would add a man, but there is a bit of a resemblence, like a long lost cousin.

Um, and a Joey Yung...asian, huh?

Anonymous said...

Also, why do they add Beyonce to everyone's Celebrity-look-a-likes?? They act like she is the only black person on the planet!

Carmen In NC said...

You and Gabrille do have those cute cheeks, good smile, and button nose. If I do one, Jill Scott will be 100% and then Halle Berry will be close behind. HAHAHA.

blackrussian said...

People often tell me that my smile is my most attractive facial feature, which I appreciate all the more because I have large teeth.

And I have had these teeth since I was 6.

And I was small for my age. I got more teasing from class mates..."Hey Buggs Bunny, where's your carrot?" and "Hey, horse teeth, want a sugar cube?"

It was pretty awful. But you know what? I NEVER let it keep me from smiling. And as for the big teeth, I guess I grew into them. (As much as one can.)

I dunno, Renea, about Dave, I think we have similarly shaped eyes and eyebrows and we both tend to CHEESE OUT! Would anyone mistake me for his sister? No, but I thought the same thing as Diva. I think we could pass for cousins.

...We ARE both from D.C.....

Now if it had been Steve Harvey or Bernie Mac, the match would never have seen the light of day, but I am not insulted to have been matched with a man.

I look something like my Dad and my brother, so it's all the same to me.

Diva, I commented similarly on Renea's blog. There is no way we ALL look like Beyonce. In fact, I don't think ANY of us do!

What gives?

Why thank you Carmen. You SHOULD do it, it's fun.

There was a little thing on the site that lets you morph your photo into the celeb photo. I really didn't see the resemblance to GU until I did that.

But it didn't have a quick and easy way to post that feature to my blog and I didn't want to spend (waste) any more time trying to figure it out.

Renea said...

I think Beyonce keeps showing up because of the hair. If you're brown and have a do that extends down and away from your face...Beyonce.
I was amused that they threw Aunt Viv on my list, because I blogged about her not too long ago.
I don't know. My opinion of my appearance changes from day to day.