Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On Sisterlocks Inspiration

I always hesitate to use the adjectives ‘well-spoken’ and ‘articulate’ as compliments – ‘cuz y’all know that some of them have ruined those two words for some of us. Personally, I feel like I can always tell contextually whether it is a genuine nod of recognition and praise vs. a backhanded compliment or register of surprise – like I am one of the few exceptions that proves the rule. But I know that there are some people who always bristle a little, maybe even subconsciously, when they hear one of the other of those words.

However, I said all that to say that I have been so impressed with the writing on the blogs I’ve been following. It is very nice to feel connected to and have the opportunity to communicate with so many AA women who are professional and well-educated and creative (and articulate and well-spoken).

It doesn’t surprise me to know that you all exist – it is not like the rare sighting of a legendary mythological creature. “Loch Ness Monster caught on tape!”

… Although I did see a “Locmess” once. (Nothin’ but love for you, girl, because you keep it SO real.)

I don’t consider it a remarkable novelty or exceptional phenomenon to encounter such amazing women – It’s just that I have a very close-knit circle of friends that I have other things in common with (besides my hair). And we call each other often and vacation together and go to parties...

Since I have a fairly active social life, I’ve never spent very much time (read: any) online in chat rooms. And I never read a single blog before January of this year.

My attitude about blogging was always: who cares?

Not in a snotty, self-absorbed way. I am a writer at heart. I journal almost daily, and I love to read memoirs, auto-biographies, and other personal accounts.

I have enough opinions and funny experiences that I’ve often thought I could write a book or even sustain a literary column, but I always thought: who would care to read the minutiae of my life?

I email my friends and write letters to them, but why would people I’ve never met care to read about my daily affairs and all my little ups-and-downs, my trials and triumphs?

I always figured they wouldn’t.

I never had the desire to go online searching for blogs, even on topics or among groups of people that interested me…until I discovered SL blogs, and then I was immediately hooked! At first, I really was just looking for pictures. But then I actually started to read, because I was looking for more information about locks.

However, as I read about the individual lock journeys, I began to care about your lives because you all share so many stories about what is happening to you day by day: births and deaths, weddings and engagements, divorces and separations, illnesses and cures, career milestones and life lessons.

…And it is very fascinating to me to see how open and expressive you all are.

The online sisterlock community has truly been an inspiration to me.

Thank you all!


brunsli said...
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brunsli said...

Would it be too much if I said you articulated what I was thinking?


muslimahlocs said...

it's true. i just started earlier this year and am totally hooked. i hope i get to many of my fellow bloggers, including and especially you!

blackrussian said...

Not at all! I knew I couldn't be the only one who feels this way. And BTW, you are DEFINITELY one of my biggest inspirations!

blackrussian said...

Thanks, Muslimah! Same here! The next time there's a gathering I'm gonna do whatever I can to be there! I'm planning one of my own for this area, I will post more details about it soon.

muslimahlocs said...

the next one is aug. 19 here in dfw. hope you can make it. email me for details if you can.

Anonymous said...

I initially wanted to create a blog on being veggie but couldn't see myself updating it as often as I would have liked to. When I started reading all the other Sisterlock blogs I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate both my Sisterlocked and veggie lifestyle.

I think atleast once a day I look through all the blogs I have on my page for updates and I try to add new ones I come across. What would I do without the Sisterlock Community?

I really don't like when people say I'm articulate..... I grew up with kids who always made fun of the way I spoke. The other day I was at the library speaking with my friend and this black gentleman walks up to me and asks if I'm from England or something since I speak so proper. I tell you someone new says something about my voice on a weekly basis and it gets annoying. Sorry to vent but these are demons I've been dealing with since childhood and I just need to get over it. You'd think my voice was alien....maybe it is!!!!

Is it me or am I long-winded???? LOL!!!!!

Goodnapps said...

I can definitely relate 100%. The connections made from SL blogging has surpassed my wildest dreams.

NappyTexanGirl said...

WOW, this is so nice of you to express warmth this way... I have to admit, I never really visited blogs before Oct of last year when I was SLs.. Like you, the mere thought of blogging, specifically about hair just sounded so ridiculous to me. As I started randomly scavenging for pics of SLs, I came across a series of blogs.. I then found myself clicking, clicking, and doing more clicking. Since the "clickation" started, I have incorporated blog posting, commenting, and visiting into my normal daily or sometimes weekly work routine...... A dramatic 360 degree turn......................

Anonymous said...

I also love the sisterlocks blogs. I didn't even know they existed until the beginning of the summer. I knew people blogged, but I was never really interested. I too, looked at the blogs for pics on sisterlocks, but instantly became hooked on reading about others and their lives.

I am happy to be a part of this community. I almost feel like I know people, just by reading what they have to say. Words are powerful!

SistaLocd said...

Great post. I am really thankful for the SisterLocks Blog Community. I didn't become aware of this site until after I got my Sisterlocks. I had know idea that people cared this much about their hair and loved sharing their stories with others. As I continued to read those stories I understood why, and it wasn't long before I was also blogging about my hair and other things.

blackrussian said...

Muslimah, unfortunately 8/19 is too close. I don't have time to rearrange my schedule and make reasonable travel plans, but thanks for the invite and keep me up to date on what's going on down there. I've always wanted to visit that area, but never gotten to for various reasons.

MM, I really enjoy your combination of hair and food news, although I have learned that I need to visit your blog on a full stomach or else I will experience strange cravings for foods like hummus and tofu...

Aren't you amazed at how many people you have influenced to try vegetarian dishes? And those are just the ones you know about. What about the people who didn't leave comments?

People often tell me I have a voice and talk like a 'white girl' - this in spite of the fact that my accent is different from the 'indigenous' white population in ANY of the places I've lived, and only because I too speak proper English, which is something my father passed on to me as important because HE attended segregated schools where HIS teachers taught HIM the importance of proper grammar and pronunciation. The ability to communicate well and speak with intelligence IS very important to success in today's world.

I don't be any means advocate segregation of schools or wish to defend the so-called separate but equal standard from back in the day, but there is something to be said for the time teachers were able to take with students and the pride that some were able to instill in students in the past.

I worked within the school system for years, and sadly that component is missing - a lot of teachers' ability to offer special help to minorities has been legislated and regulated away due to anti-discrimination laws - but that is another subject as well.

I feel a new post coming on....

My point is: stay proud of the way you speak and don't let the ignorance of others get you down!!!

GN, Haven't they? I NEVER imagined! And I need to take a class from you on economy in commenting. You always post perfect comments in 8 lines or less!

NTG, Thanks for commenting. I can't wait to see your pictures of your own BC! If I am not mistaken, today's the day!

DST, You're right! I feel like I have all these new friends.

SistaL, I feel you. It's kind of like being in a club or sorority, but better. It IS exclusive, because not everyone elects to join, but if one does, a VERY warm welcome awaits.

Maryee said...

Girl, looks like you're up on the pony, real nice! What I love about the community is the myriad of sistahs and brothers who are kind enough to be a bit transparent and share their story. It's been a blessing. I can't wait til I'm somewhere random and run into someone I know and go, "Girl!!!!!! I knew that was you!!"