Tuesday, August 7, 2007

On Sisterlocks Vanity

A while back Woman In Process posted about how locks make you egotistical. And it is so true!

I feel like I must spend 10 - 30 minutes a day staring at my own locks in the mirror...well, not every day, but when I start I just can't stop. I get kind of mesmerized with them, making note of changes and admiring the texture.

They are changing yet again. I'm noticing that the pattern is becoming less defined in some of my locks, and while they are not swelling or getting puffy, they are thickening and gaining density. I really like them exactly the size they are now, so I hope they don't get very much larger in diameter, only heavier and denser, so I have less fluffiness and flyaways. A few of my ends have sealed.

I have the hardest time getting good detail shots and closeups, so I don't have any pics of the changes. I haven't really had time to experiment with my camera and set up the shots the way I want.

I notice how many Sisterlockers use words like love affair, lovely, and adoration to describe their locks and how they feel about them. Many of their user names and blog titles reflect this relationship they have with their hair!

It's amazing isn't it?

I look in the mirror so many times and think: Wow! I really love my hair! It's so beautiful! It feels so good! This is so wonderful!

I always think and speak about it in gushing, glowing terms and superlatives. I have to contain myself when speaking to people without locks who have only a casual curiosity lest they think I am just so full of myself and completely narcissistic, but I know you all in the blogosphere know what I'm talking about, right?

Does the high accompanying this infatuation ever wear off? I suppose the love deepens and grows, eh?


muslimahlocs said...

girl please. my scarf serves many useful functions...like keeping my head from swelling too much because my sisterlocks are the ultimate (lol)!

Anonymous said...

This picture of you is toooo cute:)..And yes, I spend time in the mirror looking at my beautiful locks ALL the time:)

Goodnapps said...

No and yes.

blackrussian said...

ML, You make me lol ALL the time; you are too too funny!

Locksuluv, thank you.

GN, Just as I suspected.

n'Drea said...

Confession: Each time I pass a store front window, I stare at my locks. Ev-e-ry time. (silence). I NEED HELP! Oonu pray fi mi. LOL.