Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What the Dell....?!?!

What the Dell does a girl have to do to get good customer service?

Apparently blog about your experiences.

So about a month ago I read this post by Red Dred Princess and it literally struck fear into my heart. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, and I really love it. It has been very good to me, but I've had it for, yep, you guessed it, 2 years and 5 months. She said her current Dell lasted only two and a half years and the one before that lasted only three years. The thought that mine could kick the bucket in the next 1 - 6 months was extremely scary to say the least.

I am not the sort of person who has to have the newest technology, but I do have to have a laptop! I can't work and travel without it. It would seriously cramp my style if my computer died without warning.

After reading her post and this one by Brunsli, I decided that I needed to be proactive and look seriously into purchasing another laptop before the inevitable happens! I've been looking at HPs and Toshibas. I figured with it being back-to-school season, I can probably get the best deals. There will likely not be specials again until the Christmas season rolls around. And my Dell might not last that long.

I'm a loyal Dell customer. I really didn't see myself buying anything else because all of my experiences with the company have been positive, but having read about two Dell laptops that spontaneously quit in such close proximity and without warning really has me spooked - especially since mine has not been running at peak efficiency lately. It has been very temperamental. I've defragged and cleared my caches and done several other things that are meant to optimize performance, and it's just sluggish.

It's slow to boot up, slow retrieving files, slow opening and closing windows, so, come to think of it - if it quit, it might not really be without warning. Maybe the handwriting is on the wall.

A few people I know have Hewlett-Packards that they really like, so as much as I love my Dell, I've been pricing HPs and giving serious consideration to making the switch.

I'm pretty comfortable using computers, but I don't pretend to know all about the inner workings. I do, however, have a lot of nerdy-geeky friends. I used to do a little programming and tech support, but anyone who knows anything about computers knows that software and hardware issues are not the same at all. But my point is this: a lot of my friends are computer snobs. You know, the kind of people who can build their own computer....

And they always ask me in smirky ways how I like my Dell. I like it just fine, I say. How's it holding up? they ask. How's it working? Well enough, I say. For now, they say.

How long have you had it? is always the next question.

Just a little over two years, I say.

Silence and a pitying/condescending look. Like they know that I don't know what the Dell I'm in for. As if to say: Don't call me when it all goes to Dell...

What the Dell am I supposed to do if my computer conks out?

I don't have a Valentino like Brunsli, and I doubt the Dell people will discover me and take pity on me and send me one like they did Red Dred. Check out what happened for her! I mean, what the Dell are the chances? How the Dell did they discover her blog? What the Dell is their monitoring software like? How the Dell does it work? What the Dell do they do? Count the number of times Dell appears in a certain post? Who the Dell has that job?

I already love Dell. I really, really do. It's the only computer I've ever bought. I'm on my third one, but this is my first laptop. I never had any customer service issues in the past, I only ever upgraded. I have always spoken very highly of Dell computers and their award-winning customer service, but I know if they sent me a computer gratis, I would sing the praises of Dell from now until forever.

Not so bad....?? Would I say that Dell is 'not so bad'? I would be sure to tell everybody I know that Dell is the best computer company ever!!!! (And I know a lot of people...people who value my opinion....people who are very impressionable and with disposable incomes...)

True story.

So, what the Dell else does a girl have to do?
Who the Dell knows...?


sunsail said...

well, me thinks, you're definitely a blip on their radar now, with the amount of times you've mentioned their name... :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Let's see if you receive anything in the mail or receive an email from a particular computer company....LOL!!!!

I hope that your computer doesn't let you down but I also have heard many Dell horror stories myself. It would be nice if they prove everyone else wrong.

Good Luck!!!

blackrussian said...

I know this post is TOTALLY cheeky and shameless, but, Red Dred's post really DID scare me! That is completely true!

I was CASUALLY comparison shopping because it IS about time to upgrade, but my budget says I NEED my laptop to last at least until next February.

Plus, don't we all like to have the option to make purchases like new cars and computers because we ELECT to step up, as opposed to HAVING to because our existing one failed us?

I went to the HP direct site and I really like the dv6000t series. It is completely customizable and seems to offer a few options I don't think I can get on an Inspiron, like the ability to download TV shows on to my laptop and take it with me (with a remote control, mind you). AND it seems like it might have a longer battery life; that's what I've observed with my HP-owning friends.

My Dell has always had battery issues. I can only use it for about 20 - 25 minutes (this since it was new, too!) So, I always have to be near an outlet - that's a bummer for a mobile user.

Mel said...

My SO swears by Mac, have you considered them? That is of course if you don't get your free DELL :-)

blackrussian said...

I used to use Macs WAAAAYYY back when I was in high school because I took a few publishing and design classes and they're preferred by a lot of designers and design teachers, but I just got away from using them later on.

You know for a while there were so many applications that were difficult or impossible to use with them - it was easier to use a PC. Although that hasn't been the case for a LONG time, I just don't really think about them as something I'LL buy butI really respect the brand and believe they are superior in some ways.

I'm pretty excited about the HP, I really think I might buy it. Even though I did everything but come out and ASK Dell to send me a free computer I doubt they will. My post is a little too blatant. I wrote it mostly for humor.

I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to give my faithful readers something to laugh about. Now if I should HAPPEN to score a free computer for my cleverness and wit, then that would be a bonus, but, like I said, I realize it's quite a long shot.

I really like that HP and I sort of want to try a different brand, for the sake of comparison. I'll probably be in a position to buy it comfortably in November when the Xmas specials roll out. I just really hope my Dell holds out until then.

muslimahlocs said...

so how many times can you use the word "dell" in one post? my dh prefers the lenovo laptops. he has tried dell and hp as well but has complaints about both. his standards area little high though b/c he works in the software industry. he thinks the mac G5s are awesome and great for personal (non-technical) use.

RedDredPrincess said...

You did crack me up. I am a pretty loyal PC person but that is probably more out of habit. I dont know if you know this but Macs do now have the ability to run multiple OSs so you could run both Windows and Mac OS on a Mac and still have the friendly user interface that Mac is known for. Just something else to think about..... I will say, I have heard really good things about HPs customer service (including fixing/replacing a computer 5 days before the warranty expired) which is why I bought the HP when my Dell died.
I think the TV thing you are talking about on HP is Windows Media Edition. Yes, it will give you the ability to record TV shows but only ones that you can get with a regular tuner. I don't believe that you can record cable shows through it because you need a cable box/tuner to see those channels.
If you are looking for a way to see TV shows when on the road from you computer, consider Slingbox. It allows you to interface with your home TV system from anywhere with an internet connection. You can watch shows you have recorded already, show currently broadcasting etc. My friend has used it from France and LOVES it! http://us.slingmedia.com/

Carmen In NC said...

I have a Inspiron 1100. Got in 12/2003 I think. It's still working. I don't do much downloading, music playing, or games. I have had to buy two power adaptors (that square box that plugs into the socket) because the cord shorts the original battery is still going strong.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention....your hair looks great!!!

PAYLAR said...

TOO FUNNY! Good luck with that....'

ayankha said...

This post is too cute. Good luck with getting a new but in the mean time back up everything you have.