Monday, July 16, 2007

My Opinions

I always know all of what I'm thinking in my own head, (don't we all) but I realize that when I post I don't always convey the entire context. (This becomes most evident to me when I go back and read comments.) That is part of the reason my posts and comments are so long (I'm trying to provide context) but I don't always say enough. (Hard to believe there's more, right?)

So, this is to clarify my comments on parts and perfect locks, etc.

I don't think anyone who is unhappy with their parts or their locks should settle: especially if the issues they are having are the result of a less than skillful installation. When all of us with SLs chose to go to a certified Sisterlocks consultant, there was an implied level of skill, experience, and expertise.

We should not have to ask for straight parts or proper lock sizes or feel like we have to worry about whether they will select the proper pattern. We should be able to trust that all of these things will be done to our satisfaction. However, if we have questions about these things and how they relate to the process and the end result, they should be able to answer them to our satisfaction without becoming either vague or defensive. That is part of what we are paying for.

I had a lot to say to my consultant because I wanted what I have termed non-traditional Sisterlocks. There were elements of the SL process that I wanted to incorporate into my locks, and others I didn't. I felt much more comfortable going to a Sisterlocks consultant and asking her to bend the rules for me than going to a traditional loctitian (without SL training) and asking her to try to imitate SLs. And that was just a matter of preference.

I have since seen many pictures of other types of locks and followed blogs of people who started with other methods that made me think I could have gone another route and been just as pleased. (Still lovin' my SLs though!) Just no disrepect to the sisters who started with braidlocks, nappylocs, and other methods. The last thing I want to do is come across sounding like a Sisterlocks snob!

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