Monday, July 9, 2007

Are those Sisterlocks?

So, even though I'm traveling and on vacation, I was really good and I went to Sunday meeting. A sister with be-you-tee-full locks walked up to me and introduced herself. We didn't get to talk for long though because the program was about to start.

She sat down directly behind me. Now, I looked at her and assumed she'd had her locks for not less than 3 or 4 years and maybe as much as 5 because they were the wonderful fat silky kind (a lot like Dread Princess') and they were down past her waist, but not quite where she would sit on them.

I wish I had pictures. I have the nerve to approach people and ask them anything about their locks, but even when they are nice to me, I draw the line at asking for pictures. I don't want them to look at me like I'm crazy. What?? You just met me AND you want to take my picture AND you want to post it on your BLOG???

Anyway, all during the meeting I kept playing in my hair. (Because I always do, and really can't help it.) But then I would remember that she was behind me and I would think: Stop it! I'm sure she's had her locks for so long she thinks it's just silly that I keep touching mine.

Well, as soon as we all said, "Amen!" to the closing prayer, she said, "Are those Sisterlocks? They're beautiful!"

I was astounded! Her locks are so stately and mature and long, and mine are still so short and fluffy.

She went on to say that she had started hers only last year. She'd wanted to have small ones, but everyone she talked to said that they would break and she would lose locks. Hers are palm rolled. When she started hers she did not know about SLs. She told me that she had just checked out some of Dr. Cornwell's books from the library and started to research Sisterlocks. She asked me questions about maintenance and how I liked them, if they were expensive. It was a wonderful conversation. I will be sure to look her up when I am back in Ft. Lauderdale.

I found out that her locks were so long because she had lost some and cut some others. (What?!) She'd also combined a few. She told me that when she cut them, instead of throwing them away, she added them on to the ends like extensions. Who else did that? Was it Jen?

They looked so good, I never would have known...because it wasn't OPH! I looked hard and could not tell where the extensions began. She said she locked very quickly because she had been natural for five years prior.

We traded info and I will direct her to the LHBE and the Sisterlocks website. The fact that she was doing SL research just recently and that she had originally wanted smaller locks made me think that she might be considering a change.

It was so exciting to be recognized by another locked sister.

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n'Drea said...

I know what you mean about being spotted.

SL Life Lesson: Love your locks at every stage. Remember it's a journey. You may be there thinking that someone else's locks have more of a wow factor than yours, only to realise that they've been admiring or even envying yours!