Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Curly Ends

Are you really attached to your curls?

I directed this question to the perpetually stunning Carmen and she answered me in a post titled, "Magic Hair." (Can you tell that we are charter members of the Mutual Appreciation Society?)

Right now I feel like I don't ever want mine to go away completely. Maybe as time goes on I'll feel differently, but I've had curly hair all my life and I've always loved it.

I frequently read about people wanting their hair to hurry up and seal and encase and cutting the curly ends because they are not uniform and do not match the rest and I always think: really?? I know not everyone feels that way. Some have commented that they enjoyed their curly ends or that they miss that stage of the process/journey.

Right now I feel like I will really miss them when they go. Like I will mourn their passing....*sigh*

I'll see when it happens.

Every time I see a sister with gorgeous curls, I miss my own. I think: I love loose hair. (I am still ambivalent about my decision to lock. I think that is mainly because they are not mature and they are shorter and very layered which limits my styling options at the moment.) But then I remember the maintenance and weather issues and how dependent I was on products and how much time was involved, and I am reminded why I started my Sisterlock journey.

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